A recognition ceremony for Mexican migrant teachers at the Capitol in Lincoln, NE

Each summer, the Nebraska Department of State’s Binational Migrant Education Program welcomes Mexican migrant educators to our state to strengthen communities, bringing their experience and knowledge with them.

This year Nebraska had the privilege to receive nine teachers from the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas, and San Luis Potosí. They arrived in our State at the beginning of June and will spend five weeks working with families and students in the cities of Omaha, Madison, Columbus, and Wakefield.

 On June 16, the Department of Education offered a recognition ceremony for educators to recognize their work. Stephanie Call, the program coordinator, welcomed everyone and introduced Kirk Russell from the Department of Education, who expressed his pleasure in having this agreement with the Ministry of Education and the Binational Teacher Exchange Program; Kirk thanked the Omaha Consulate of Mexico for supporting the program and to the educators for bringing their knowledge and skills to Nebraska communities.

Also, the ceremony was attended by Socorro Carrera and Álvaro Domínguez from the Consulate of Mexico in Omaha. Socorro addressed the teachers and said she was pleased to have them there and the Binational Program in our state. On behalf of the Consul of Mexico, María Guadalupe Sánchez Salazar, Álvaro Domínguez said that we were fortunate to have this program in the state, and it was a pleasure for the teachers to share their experiences with migrant families.

The participating teachers are: José Antonio Garza Gutiérrez, José Eduardo Salcedo Castañeda, Eira Nallelly Orta Jiménez, Eric Citlali Fajardo Murillo, Daniel Venegas López, Abril Dinasar Nava Tentori, Osmar Alexis Ayala Puente, Anakaren Estrada Zamarrón and Juan Jesús Ramírez. As part of the ceremony, the migrant teachers offered presentations on the current educational system in Mexico and the work they will be doing in the communities of our state; they have experience working with immigrant students and their families, fully understanding their beliefs, experiences, values, and the structure of the families they serve. They also discussed the importance of family interaction, responsibilities, communication, and collaboration.

José Antonio Garza Gutiérrez from Zacatecas said he was grateful for the opportunity to learn about other places and students and to be able to contribute to the adaptation that migrant students have to make in this country.

Leticia Rodríguez, representative of the Nebraska Commission on Latin Americans and who works in the Madison education system, said that they have been working with teachers from Mexico who have come to support the Madison Public Schools for more than eight years; “The teachers connect well with the students and are very supportive,” she said.

The ceremony ended with the presentation of awards by Ana Castro from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office. It is worth mentioning that the Latin American Commission facilitated the transmission of the event through Facebook Live. If you want to see the entire ceremony, visit the Facebook page of the Latin American Commission.

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