16th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month: The Commission on Latino Americans is seeking nominations for the 2022 Community Awards

The 16th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month State Commemoration will take place on October 13, 2022.  The Hispanic Heritage Month State Commemoration Committee seeks nominations for the 2022 Community Awards.

We ask for your help recognizing an individual or organization who has broadened cross-cultural understanding through an event, exhibit, or body of work on issues affecting the Hispanic population or promoting the beauty of Hispanic culture. Nominations are strongly urged and may be submitted by Nebraska residents of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We are looking for an individual or organization whose event(s) meet and demonstrate one or more of the following criteria below:

“Non-Profit Organization Award”

Criteria: The award is given each year to one non-profit organization that has worked to advance the needs of Latino Americans across Nebraska, especially in the fields of education, employment, health, housing, welfare, and recreation.

“Business Award”

Criteria: This award is given each year to one business that has demonstrated a selfless spirit and has shined a positive light on the economic impact and importance of Latino American-owned businesses and businesses that serve Latino American communities.

“Inspiration Award”

Criteria:  This award is given yearly to one individual who has inspired Nebraska’s next generation of Latino Americans through their work or programming in education, employment, health, housing, welfare, and recreation.

Visionary Award

Criteria: This prestigious award is given to one organization or individual each year that has embodied the spirit of the Nebraska Latino American Commission’s vision of empowering the Hispanic/Latino community through programming and education. The Visionary Award winner has demonstrated a fervent passion for addressing the issues faced by Latino Americans across the state and has worked to address the problems that affect their access to education and social, political, and economic opportunities in Nebraska. The Visionary Award winner’s work has helped to create a stronger Nebraska for everyone.

The winner will be asked to give an acceptance speech [5 min max]

These nominations must be submitted at the following link:  www.latinoacnebraska.org/hispanic-heritage-month [latinoacnebraska.org]. The Hispanic Heritage Month Committee will review the nominations and make the final selection. For additional information, call 402-471-2791.  Nomination Deadline:   September 23, 2022

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