The Nebraska Commission on Latino Americans commemorates 50 years of achievement

Lincoln, Nebraska.- Commemorating 50 years of empowering the Hispanic/Latino community through a proactive approach to issues that affect their access to education, social, political, and economic opportunities, the Nebraska Commission on Latino Americans invites members of the legislature, past and current commissioners, staff, and Latinos/Latinas/Hispanic/Mexican American leaders, to an awareness discussion focused on today’s workforce and how this community may shape the future workforce in the state “Latinos in Nebraska: Transforming the Future Work in the State” by Dr. Lissette Aliaga-Linares, and The Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus (ANIC) by Kathleen Grant

Since 1972 the Commission has fulfilled the mission to serve as a link between the Nebraska State Government and the Hispanic/Latino Community by assisting through advocacy and referrals. This event will also recognize all those who have contributed to keeping the Commission alive for the past five decades and its efforts to pass on its history and mission to future generations.

Throughout the years, the Commission has continually joined forces with other organizations to identify and resolve issues that affect the changing Hispanic/Latino community and support and promote annual events to encourage education and inspire Hispanic/Latino youth. Our current commissioners across the state are committed to creating a better, brighter future through continued quality advocacy and leadership.

The event “Latinos in Nebraska: Transforming the Future Work in the State” is by invitation only. It will take place on October 13 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The event culminates with the 2022 Community Awards ceremony as part of the Nebraska Hispanic Heritage Month State Commemoration.

For criteria nominations or to nominate an individual or organization that has made a difference in the community, please visit deadline for nominations is September 23, 2022.

For more information about the Nebraska Commission on Latino Americans, call us at 402-471-2791.

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